Monday Morning

I’m not a big fan of Monday mornings. It means having to get up early (I’m not a morning person) and get to work.

I started off this morning with a breakfast of Tazo Awake tea. I’m not a big tea fan but this tea is really nice and not too strong tasting.

And to eat I had some Oikos Greek Yogurt and Granola.

The granola was amazing. It is something my husband and I picked up when we were traveling. We got it at the cutest little shop called The Whistle Stop located in Michigan. The store had all kinds of pastry’s, coffee’s, vinegar, oil, crackers, cheese and I can’t forget the wine! All of the items in the store were gourmet and I loved going there in the morning to get my latte.
I was hungry by the time lunch hit. I needed something warm so I was happy to find some Lemon Chicken Orzo soup. This soup hit the spot and was great on this cold fall day.
And dessert was my favorite – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!!!
After work my husband and I stopped at Ceres for dinner. Ceres is a restaurant/bar that we like to go to. The food and drinks are good and the waitstaff is awesome.
At Ceres I ordered a Raspberry vodka and Lemonade.
and an Asian Chicken Salad. This salad was FANTASTIC! It had different lettuce leaves, carrots, red peppers, snow peas, a bunch of chicken with a Greek dressing.
MMMM….that salad was so good, love it!
Until tomorrow…

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