Salt and Chocolate fueled day

I started off this morning on the wrong food front. The left over Halloween candy was sitting on the counter and I swear they were calling my name all night long. I was able to resist the urge to eat them in the middle of the night but this morning the flood gates opened. I think I had about 5 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a couple mini Kit Kat’s. So bad but it tasted so good.

Needless to say when I got to work I was not all that hungry for breakfast so I made myself some Tazo Awake Tea. This stuff is really growing on me and is a nice alternative to my, expensive but oh so tasty, Starbucks Latte in the morning.

I was starving by lunch time, probably due to the fact that I had a but load of sugar this morning! Mental note: Sugar does not fill me up in the morning.

For lunch I was a bit healthier and had a stir fry dish with a bunch of different veggies, chicken and some rice. The sauce was a spicy chili sauce and caused a five alarm fire in my mouth. To help combat the fire I added about 5 packets of soy sauce to my dish. ( salt overload)

I was still a little hungry and craving some soup so I had a little bit of Turkey Noodle soup. It was more broth than anything else.

Needless to say after all of this salt I was seriously craving something to drink! I decided to try Bossa Nova superfruit acai juice with raspberry.

This first sip was a little strange to me but I think that has more to do with me not being a big juice drinker. As I’ve been drinking it I can say that I like it and with all the good for me things in this bottle I would totally buy it again. That said it is a bit on the pricey side but it will be a nice treat every once in awhile.
The Acai fruit reduces free radicals linked to premature aging, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and certain cancers; anti-inflammatory benefits; supports recover after exercise. It is also one of the highest antioxidant fruits. What is not to like about all those good benefits!
Hope everyone had a fab Tuesday!

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