Rewind: Saturday – Football, Family, Food

I know it’s Tuesday but I realize I forgot to post about my Saturday. I had such a good day that I wanted to share it with all of you!


I wanted to try something different than my usual low fat vanilla latte so I chose the Northern Light Turtle latte from Caribou. It was good but tasted too much like dessert for my morning pick me up:

Panera power sandwich: Bread, egg, ham and cheese. This is my favorite “fast food” breakfast sandwich. I can taste all the ingredients individually and when all the flavors mix together it makes an amazing breakfast sandwich.


Saturday’s in my house are dedicated to college football. This Saturday was fun because we had family over to enjoy the Michigan vs. Indiana game.

Before our guests arrived I put together a veggie tray full off carrots, broccoli, cucumbers and peppers.

To dip the veggies I made some low fat ranch dip:

Low Fat Ranch Dip

  • Lite sour cream
  • Packet hidden valley ranch dressing packet

Mix the two together and, voila, you are done!

I think everyone liked the veggies. I know I did!
My plate x 4:

What is a football game without a beer? I drank 2 Magners Irish Cider beers. If you like cider beer and haven’t had Magners, you must try it!
Cappy & Solera
The dogs go CRAZY when we have guest over. They get SO excited to have new people to play with! They jump on and bark at our guests to welcome them. Not the most welcoming situation for a lot of people but it’s better than being peed on when you walk in the door. I won’t mention which dog, Solera, but one of them used to get way to excited and not be able to control his bladder. Thank goodness that phase is over with!
To give our guest a break we gave the dogs their favorite treat, Bully Sticks:
Give the dogs one of these and nothing else in the world exists. It’s all about the Bully Stick:


After Michigan won the game we ordered some Chinese food from Tamarind.

This place has good food but the Customer Service sucks. After I placed the order for delivery I received a call telling us we ordered to much food so they had to charge us more for delivery. We ordered 3 meals and egg rolls, I don’t think that is an excessive amount of food. It wasn’t the fact that they charged us more money for delivery (although that didn’t make me happy) it was the way they handled the situation that makes me think they need to take a customer service class.

We most likely will not be getting Tamarind food anymore which really stinks because the food is really good!

My plate: I ended up eating half the egg roll, a little bit of noodles and some broccoli dish over rice.

Patrick made me a Jeff Lewis martini to enjoy with my meal. I think one of the reasons I married P was because he can make a great martini:)
I drank half.
Leftover s’mores pizza!
Solera sitting by our feet in hopes of catching any bit of food that might fall off our plate:
and Cappy getting depressed as our guests started to leave. He was hoping they would stay all night so he could curl up in their laps and sleep!

Good people, good conversation, good food and happy dogs – Couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday!

How do you like to spend your Saturdays?


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