Junk Food Hangover

Well, yesterday was a junk food fest. When I eat a ton of junk food it leaves me feeling blah. No energy, stomach ache and complete laziness. Good thing I got a ton of errands and house work done before all the junk got in my belly!

Today will be the opposite of yesterday. I absolutely need vegetables today and I do believe a salad is in my near future.

Right now I’m sipping on a Caribou ho ho white chocolate peppermint latte. Of course I ordered it with skim milk and no whip, it is supper good!
I have a lot I would like to accomplish today. Here is a look at my Sunday to do list:
  • Clean Kitchen
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Laundry
  • Put up Christmas Decorations (hopefully it will be today’s holiday post)

Well, I better get going!

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