Magazine Monday

Listed below are some products I found while browsing magazines this week. I would love to have any of them in my stocking this year!


Perfect for walking around the gym locker room.
UV light kills toothbrush bacteria. I really want this. I’ve read one to many articles about the kinds of germs that land on your toothbrush when it is kept in the bathroom. Yuck!
Every foodie should check this site out. The sauces alone will leave you drooling.

This is for the person who loves singing (or trying to sing) and technology. Hook this up to your iPod and sing away to your favorite artist!

Echo Design’s wool-cashmere

These gloves look like they would feel so nice on the hands. Not only would they feel nice but they have special finger tips so you can use your latest technologies without taking your gloves off in the freezing weather!

Topline Bar Hopper Drink

This is so cool. A cup holder for your bike! If you have been reading my blog you might remember this post, even cops in Chicago use these types of cup holders! Every bike rider needs this for coffee.

Information Learned

Fresh garlic has more heart-helping punch than dried does.
An herbal spritz under the tongue may ease a hangover. An oral spray of dandelions and red peppers at might help.

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