Cook, Eat, Blog – Whole Foods Event

What a great event. This was not only my first blog event but my very first Whole Foods event. I can’t believe I haven’t taken advantage of the events they hold! Sometime very soon I plan to drag my husband to the Whole Foods kitchen to learn about cooking.

When I walked into the room the first thing I noticed was the great space and how many people were in attendance.

Room Layout

People were free to walk around and grab some food before the panel started talking.

The bloggers sat at a table in the front of the crowd. If you look close against the far wall you can see them 🙂


The food offered at this event was picked by the blogger panelist. Each blogger picked our their favorite Whole Foods product and then everyone got to sample them. Here are a few pictures of what was offered.

Pasta salad

Veggie platter with dip.

Here is a look at my plate:

I was very excited to see Synergy Kombucha offered. I’ve always wanted to try this but the floating stuff in the bottle creeps me out. I decided this was the time I should take the plunge and try a taste of the Trilogy flavor.

I even managed to pour myself a glass without the weird looking floaty stuff. The color of the drink was really pretty.

Verdict: I loved it. It was really good but I still don’t know if I would be able to drink an entire bottle due to the floaty stuff. Maybe I could strain it before I drink it 😉

I will tell you that I only had about 1 cup of this drink and I was awake until 3:00 the next morning. I don’t know if this drink is supposed to give you energy but I was on turbo speed!

Here is a look at the people who made this night possible.

Brittany, Whole Foods Rep – MC of the night (I’m sure she has a more official title, this is just the title I have given her)

Brittany was a very nice girl and well prepared for the event. Thanks for putting together such a great event, I really enjoyed myself!

The Bloggers:

Kristin of, The Kitchen Sink Recipes

Nick and Blake of, The Paupered Chef

Val from, Marathon Val

Natalie from, Bake and Destroy

I really suggest that everyone check out the blog links above. Each and every one of them were very informative and great about answering any questions we had.

I hope Whole Foods does more events like this. And those of you who have Whole Foods stores in your area should suggest that they do something like this event at a store near you!

Swag bag

I knew I would be leaving whole foods with some products because seriously who can step foot in that store and not buy something. I know I can’t. However, I was not expecting to get a bag full of new products to try out and for free! I was and still am excited to try some of the products and you better believe I will be reviewing them on this blog.

All of the items were neatly packed into this great reusable bag. I’ve already used it multiple times.

A look inside the bag.

The products included:

  • Justin’s Almond Butter Squeeze Pack
  • Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bar
  • Jokerz Vegan Candy Bar
  • Pop Chips – Salt & Pepper
  • Casarecce Pasta
  • Near East Whole Grain
  • Frontera Grill Gala Red Apple Salsa
  • Oogave Watermelon Cream Soda
  • Solixir blackberry chamomile

This was extremely nice of the Whole Foods in South Loop to provide these items to the participants of the Cook, Eat, Blog event.

Thank you so much, Whole Foods, for a wonderful night!


  • Dairy Free Betty

    that sounds like such an awesome event!! 🙂 And that loot bag is awesome!!

    Did that tea give you a caffeine high feeling? I don't like that feeling, but I could use extra energy for sure!! I can't find it here, but am thinking of ordering some!! !

  • Nicole

    Looks like a BLAST! I am happy to have found your blog and look forward to reading the ones you linked to. I love Pop Chips and Kombucha is definitely an interesting drink! I agree with you about the floaty things!!

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