Thanksgiving in California

Last Thursday everyone woke up early to get started on the Thanksgiving feast! First order of business was a round of coffee:

Yum!  Coffee always tastes better when someone else makes it.  At least that is what I tell my sister 😉

My first task of the morning was to peel a million (maybe not a million but a lot) cloves of garlic.  Patrick places the turkey on this bed of garlic and then cooks it.  The garlic adds so much flavor to the turkey.

My second order of business was making dessert, pumpkin pie:

Third order of business, homemade pickles with red onion:

Fourth order of business, ranch and dill dip for the veggie platter:

While I was busy doing the above tasks, my sister was busy being Patrick’s sous chef and making the veggie platter (yes, we make pickles the centerpiece 🙂 )

So while my sister and I were working on the appetizers and desserts, Patrick was busy putting together the main meal.  He doesn’t want his picture on the blog but I’m breaking the rules.  If you look really close you can see his hand :O

It was great watching my husband move expertly through the kitchen.  He is a pro when it comes to cooking the Thanksgiving meal.  All the food looked, smelled and tasted great!

Patricks Thanksgiving Meal

Brown gravy:

Homemade cranberry sauce:

Roasted brussels sprouts with bacon:

Garlic mashed potatoes with chives:

Stuffing made of cornbread, french bread, sausage, chestnuts and spices:

And of course, The Turkey:

My plate had a little bit of everything:

With a side of homemade pickles:

A glass of champagne is always needed when eating a holiday meal:


A slice of pumpkin pie with Cool Whip on top:


Who made the main dish of your Thanksgiving dinner this year?

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