Carson’s Ribs in Chicago

Patrick completed a major work project today so to celebrate we headed for his favorite indulgence, RIBS! I’m not a ribs because I don’t eat meat on the bone (yeah you read that right, I’m a strange girl).

He picked Carson’s as the place for ribs in Chicago. Once we got to the restaurant and I saw the sign below, I knew he knew what he was talking about. Not that I ever doubted him but, a sign wouldn’t lie. Would it?

The outside of this place is nothing special. I’ve actually walked/drove by it lots of times and never even noticed it. However, the inside of the place is nice! We were seated in a booth that looked over the entire dinning room:

All along the walls were pictures of all things Chicago. Famous people of Chicago as well as some well known Chicago sights. I love this city so much so it is always a treat to look at pictures that show the history of this great town!

Since this was a celebration dinner we had to start the meal off with a toast. I ordered the Carson’s Cosmo and Patrick had a gin martini with 2 blue cheese olives.

Cheer’s babe! I’m so proud of you!

The first thing I ordered to eat was a side salad. Pretty plain salad of lettuce, onion and cucumbers with a creamy garlic dressing. The salad also came with tomato and croutons but I had them leave those off. The salad was great and the dressing was so good!
My meal came with my choice of potato. I decided on the au gratin prepared potato and I wish I would have chose something different. This dish was way too cheesy and a little burnt. I didn’t really mind the burnt part but the cheese was just to overwhelming, which is very strange because I love cheese. I didn’t know it was possible for something to be too cheesy for me.
I knew the main dish was ready to be served when the waitress put a bottle of warm BBQ sauce on the middle of the table:
I ordered the pulled pork BBQ sandwich. The sandwich was huge and oh so good! The meat was tender and the taste of the entire thing was just scrumptious!

I just had to show a picture of my husbands dinner because he got “real” ribs. I love this picture with the Carson’s bib and the knife and fork ready to dig in.

Patrick LOVED this meal. It was so fun watching him eat because you could tell he was just enjoying it SO much!
Carson’s verdict: Patrick obviously loved it. Like I said I’m not a rib’s fan but I would 100% go back to this place. The food was really good and the service was awesome! However, I would get a different potato and a different cocktail. I’m picky about my cosmo’s 😉


Do you have any eating habits that people might consider strange?
People are always looking at me funny when I tell them I don’t eat meat on the bone. I always get the response that all meat comes from the bone but I just don’t like seeing it on my plate.

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  • Emily

    I used to be the same way – chicken especially on the bone really grossed me out. I've gotten over it though but I totally know what you mean 😉 Oh, and I've got ribs in the crock pot right now!

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