Monday in St. Maarten

This post is going to be mostly pictures with a splash of words.
Patrick and I woke up Monday morning and decided to explore the French side of the island. On the way to Marigot I took the following pictures:

I still can’t get over how clear the water is and how green the plants are!

My brave husband (driving on the island is scary) got us safely to our destination. We walked around the streets and browsed in some shops. Then we stumbled upon a little restaurant named Tropicana:

This was probably one of the best restaurant experiences I had on the island. Not just because the food was good but the entire dining experience was wonderful!
The view from our table:
We shared some bubbly:
Our server opening the bottle:

My first glass. I loved being able to sip on champagne, talk to my husband and look at the water. I think we stayed at this restaurant for over 2 hours just talking, eating and drinking. The amazing thing is we NEVER once felt rushed to leave.

Lunch was a salad with onions, carrots, olives, peppers, eggs, nuts and a homemade dressing:

I also took the liberty of snatching some of my husbands french fries:

I was going to skip dessert until I heard they had an in-house pastry chef. I don’t really know what this dessert was but it was A-mazing! So many flavors and wonderful textures:

The presentation isn’t too shabby either;)

My finishing drink (or so I thought) was a latte:

I didn’t know about the bottle of homemade banana rum each table gets as a digestive. They seriously placed this bottle on our table with 2 shot glasses. I sipped on 1:

Our server and I outside the restaurant:

After our fantastic lunch we went shopping!
Here is a picture of me outside the store I should not be shopping in, Hermes. Although I shouldn’t be shopping here I couldn’t help but leave with a little something:

We stopped in another store and saw this cutie pie! I had to take a picture of her, reminded me of my dog.

On the drive home we saw the sunset. Beautiful!

When we got back to the resort we walked around a bit and then headed over to Big Fish for our 3 month anniversary dinner! The restaurant was right on the water and had a cottage like feel:
I had a glass of pinot grigio at the bar:
My husband surprised me with flowers:

And a bottle of Veuve Clicquot:
Yep, 2 bottles in one day. We were on vacation;)
We started off our meal with the BEST appetizer. It was shrimp in a spectacular sauce. The sauce had some kick to it but the spice was an accent to the flavor not at all overwhelming.

Cesar salad:
Veggies, mashed potato and halibut:

A picture of me (remember I was out all day and have no make-up on) finishing my last glass of champagne:

Dessert was a piece of banana chocolate cake, YUM:

On the walk back to our room we stopped at a bar and got me a pina colada with a tiny little umbrella in it:
I miss my vacation and am ready to go back tomorrow!
Stay tuned for the pictures of Tuesday on the island!


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