Blogger on Island Time


Started off with a banana that told me I needed to lose weight! I’m not so sure I appreciate that sticker on my food;)


Leftover chili, some chips and a Dr. Pepper to wash it down:


Pink lady apple:

and a couple small dill pickles:


Dr. Pepper:

I made my husband and I a big salad filled with lettuce, sunflower seeds, broccoli slaw, black olives and a light vinaigrette:

The salad was scrumptious! I’ve really missed my salads I make at home.

As the main dish we had left over chili with some added Cholula sauce:

If you haven’t tried this hot sauce you need to, immediately! I really like the flavor and it has a nice kick too it.

Sorry about the boring posts but I seem to still be on island time;) I’m still trying to catch up on all kinds of things but I promise I will get back to blogging on a timely basis!

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