Rewind to Friday

This is going to be a quick recap of Friday eats. I have a lot planned for today and tomorrow so I don’t really have time to do an in depth post.
I woke up Friday totally parched so the first thing I reached for was a big bottle of water.

But I still wanted some flavor so I added Crystal Light lemonade.

Exactly what I needed. I think I drank this big bottle in a half hour.

A piece of quiche with hot sauce on top.

Pineapple + melon

My breakfast filled me up so I didn’t eat lunch. This mean around 3:00 pm I was starving so I grabbed a banana.
TGIF Happy Hour
Went to Ceres and ordered a Captain and Diet Coke.

While talking over drinks I found out my husband didn’t eat lunch either.
No lunch + Cocktails = Food needed
So I ordered us chips which we dipped in a bowl of Chili with cheddar cheese.

After the chili I started feeling a little sleepy so I ordered a Sugar Free Red Bull.

My husband made us a pizza and I made the salad.

This weekend is going to be a busy one. I’m in charge of cooking my husband a 5 course meal on Sunday. I lost a bet and the loser (me) had to plan, shop, cook and clean up a 5 course meal. Details are soon to follow!

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