Wake Up It’s Monday

I was wiped out from all the cooking and cleaning I did yesterday. It was extremely hard for me to get my butt out of bed and come to work. Not only was I extremely tired but my husband had the day off which makes leaving the condo even more difficult. I would much rather stay at home with him and the dogs then be in a cube all day;)

Once I got to work it wasn’t all that bad. Lately, I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy so the days go by fast, love that! I really despise those slow days when time seems to stand still or even move backwards.


I started my day off with a Dr. Pepper, I know healthy, right? Just kidding, I know it is the worst option for a morning beverage but I needed the caffeine.

I was shocked by this Cinnamon Roll Lara bar. I’ve tried other Lara bars and haven’t really liked them. I pretty much gave up on purchasing anymore but I found this bar in my snack drawer and decided to try it. I’m really glad I did because it was super tasty!


I wasn’t really hungry for lunch but new I needed to eat something or else I would be starving later. I opted for the Smokey Navy Bean soup, it was delicious!

I could really taste the smoky flavor and boy oh boy did this soup fill me up.

I also had a small side of pasta salad. Basically it was penne noodles with broccoli and a light Italian vinaigrette.


Around 2:15 I started getting a little sleepy so I stepped out to get a Starbucks skinny vanilla latte.

So that pretty much sums up my day (so far) in food choices. Tonight we are going to a new (to me) restaurant, Zapitista. It is a Mexican restaurant that has “all you can eat” taco specials on Monday’s.

Wish me luck! Totally going to need it to help me stop eating the tacos!


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