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My husband and I have been postponing a task that needs to be done by Feb. 1. Building our wedding photo album. We’ve had 2 months to get this done but it has been so hard to complete because of the holiday’s and vacations.

On Sunday we decided to head out to Caribou and tackle the wedding album project. We were able to narrow down the photos as well as reminisce about our wedding day. It is funny, I never believed those people who said, “just make sure you take the time to look around and remember the day”. But after going through the day I understand that statement 100%. It is a day you plan for so long and put so much work into and then it’s over before you know it.

While sipping on coffee we managed to get our pictures picked out. The design of the album will happen next weekend, hopefully at Caribou!


Here is a look at Caribou from our table in the corner:

I was very excited to try out their new handcrafted oatmeal. All the flavors sounded amazing:

I ultimately chose to order the Maple Brown Sugar Crunch Oatmeal and a large Northern Lites Dulce Latte:

The latte was, of course, great. The oatmeal was better then I could have even imagined. The texture was perfect and the flavor was spot on, I can’t wait to try the other flavors. Can’t be beat for $2.45.


After we picked our all our photos we decided to hit up Tamarind for lunch. We’ve been to the restaurant once before and have had it delivered a couple times. This just might be my favorite Chinese food restaurant in the area.

I ordered a Cucumber Sakatini to start. Nothing like going from lattes to martini’s! The martini was very good however it had more of a watermelon taste then a cucumber taste.

I had one of these asparagus maki rolls at the request of my husband. He would really like it if I could start eating sushi but I won’t eat raw fish and I don’t like the wrappers used. Something about the texture bothers me.

I had to order an egg roll:

And the best Chicken Fried Rice in Chicago! I’m so in love with this dish and it is mostly because the chicken is of such high quality.

One thing I should note is that I do not eat everything that is shown in these photos. I try to practice some self restraint and just eat enough to be satisfied.

After lunch we walked to Macy’s to take a look at some new pots. We are slowly getting rid of all of our non-stick pans and switching to All Clad Copper Core pans. My husband is afraid of the, possible, harmful effects that cooking on non-stick pans might cause. So to ease his mind I have no problem switching to the Copper Core pans, they are really great!

We did end up making some purchases which I will share with you in a later post:)


We headed to the Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery to celebrate our purchases, watch a little football and have some cocktails.

They had the restaurant signage on the pool tables:

For my first cocktail I ordered a Purple Haze.

The drink was made up of grape vodka, peach schnapps, blue curracao, sweet and sour, cranberry juice and sprite. It was an interesting drink. I’m not used to such a sweet drink but it grew on me and I did enjoy it:

My second drink was a Kettle One Cosmo:

And after a couple cocktails there was noway I could not order the chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream and fudge on top (heaven):

For the main meal I had a couple slices of pepperoni and green olive pizza:

We are currently in the process of organizing our kitchen and that is why we have been eating out so much. Hopefully the “remodel” will be completed soon and we can get back to cooking and eating home cooked healthy meals!


What kind of pots and pans do you use?

We are using the All Clad Copper Core pots and pans. They are excellent at cooking food evenly.

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