Wednesday in St. Maartens

Wednesday on the island was a day of luxury.
It started off with us waking up and sitting on the balcony just soaking in the views. While sitting we had a couple unexpected visitors. First, we had a bird land on the railing, I named him Henry:

Henry sat around for a couple minutes and then flew off to be with his bird friends:)
Next we had a school of fish swim along. If you look really close you can see them:

Around 11:00 am we headed to the spa to partake in a couples massage. This is not something we normally do so it was a big treat. My masseuse, Paula, was A-mazing! I mentioned to her that I have lower back pain and frequent headaches so these are the areas she focused on. The things she did to my head were better then anything I’ve ever experienced on a massage table!
I wish I could say my husband had the same experience but his was not good, at all.
We had a great time at the Westin. We spent a couple hours in a cabana on the beach right outside the hotel. The first thing I did was order an iced beverage:

Caesar Salad:
and a great fresh Fruit Plate:
I ate my perfect ocean side meal and sat back, relaxed and watched the ocean:
After our massage and relaxing day on the beach it was time to head to the resort and get ready for dinner. This night we decided to head over the Captain Oliver’s Restaurant. This is a restaurant that we could see, across the water, from the balcony of our room. We could hear music playing every night so we thought it would be a fun happening place.
From the moment we walked into the restaurant we knew we had the wrong impression of this place. Yes, there was loud music but hardly anyone was in the place.
We sat down and were presented with some complimentary appetizers. This was some kind of vegetable paste inside a pastry puff. Everyone at the table liked it but I was turned off by the vegetable paste:
We were feeling very dehydrated so a bottle of Evian was needed:
A glass of pinot grigio:

Notice the empty tables behind me:

I chose Sea Bass as my main dish. Presentation of the dish was nice and the flavor was okay.

After we were finished with our meal the server came out with the banana rum! I had no idea that this was an island thing.

I had one shot glass full.

If you look close you can see the banana soaking in the bottom of the bottle:

After dinner drink

After dinner Patrick and I decided to stop by the resort bar to check out some football scores and get an after dinner drink.
I had a wonderful mint chocolate coconut martini! It tasted like a girl scout cookie!

I really wish I knew how this cocktail was made. I just might have to figure it out myself.
Stay tuned for my Thursday adventure on St. Maarten!

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