I can’t believe it…

I actually woke up early enough this morning to make myself a latte to take to work! This may not seem impressive to a lot of you but for this girl it is VERY impressive. I am not a morning girl especially when waking up means going to sit in a cube for 8 hours.


Homemade:) latte:

In the mug my husband bought me as a “night before wedding gift”. I had my wedding day latte in this mug and I will remember that always!

To eat I had 1/4 of this Valentine themed cookie:


Mongolian Wok. I had about 1/4 of this dish. It was a half a scoop of rice, bunch of veggies and hot chili sauce.

Crystal Light lemonade water to drink.

Happy Hour
Went to Ceres and ordered a Captain Diet Coke.

Lunch did not fill me up so I ordered a buffalo chicken soup. However, I really only had the broth, and it was very good!


I’m not sure if anyone saw this post but I thought I would provide the link below:

It was the coolest beach experience and I just smile thinking about the last night on the island!


  • Lu

    Buffalo Chicken Soup? OMG. That sounds good. I like to drink Diet Coke and Vanilla Vodka. Who am I kidding? I like several things. 🙂 I'll have to try Captain Morgan. Your latte looks so frothy and good. Way to make the morning work for you.

  • Gina

    I hope you're glad to be back, or at least, slightly glad. I mean obviously vacations are sad to leave, but sometimes I crave getting back to "normal, right?! I'm not usually a morning person either though, as in no EARLY mornings, but after 7:30 I'm good.

    As for my book I talked about, I really recommend it to anyone who thinks about their "to do list" constantly like I do. It's just a great book for managing stress and living life in a more simple, and slowed down manor. I will do a review relatively sometime soon, I've got SO much to blog about!!

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