Dinner at Frontera Grill + Happy Birthday Solera

Happy Birthday Solera!
Here is the birthday boy chewing on his birthday treat, a bully stick! He thinks it is the best treat EVER!

Frontera Grill Review

My husband came home last night and wanted to head out to a nice dinner. We had previously eaten at one of my favorite chefs restaurants, Rick Bayless’ Topolobampo. We both LOVED the dining experience at Topolobampo and deemed it our best meal ever. Because of this we decided to hit up another Rick Bayless restaurant, Frontera Grill.

We started off with one of the seasonal drinks, a blood orange margarita. This drink was blood red and so pretty. Kind of felt like a vampire drinking it;)

The blood orange margarita was okay but when it was time to order round 2 I went for the original. My taste buds liked the original better!

When it was time to order food we started off with the Sopes Rancheros which were crispy corn masa boats with savory shredded beef, roasted tomatoes, avocado and homemade fresh cheese. These were so good!!! The beef was seasoned to perfection. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture to share with you but trust me when I say, the presentation was just as lovely as the food tasted!
The appetizer was so good I thought there was noway my main meal could even compete. I was wrong. I had the Halibut and it was second best on my list of halibut dinners. (FYI…the first place halibut meal goes to another Rick Bayless restaurant Topolobampo.) The texture of the fish was perfect and the seasoning was equally impressive.
Food: As you can tell from my descriptions above the food was phenomenal. The textures, spices, sauces, everything was perfect! I have nothing but good things to say about the food at Frontera Grill.
Ambiance: This was not the most pleasant dinning experience, to say the least. The restaurant was loud and the place was packed which was fine and expected for a Friday evening. However, I did not appreciate having to witness the girl at the next table leaving for the bathroom every 10 minutes and coming back with “sickness” on her jacket. Ugh, so disgusting!
At times during the dining experience I felt like we were being ignored. But our waiter was extremely nice and helpful when placing our orders. He was a fantastic waiter just super busy.
Have you ever had a dining experience where the patron sitting next to you is clearly not “feeling well” i.e. drunk? What did you do – or – what would you do in that situation?
Yes, I asked to switch tables.


  • Gina

    hmmm..what if the patron was ME?! haha, jk. This is an interesting situation. It's not usually nice restaurants where that happens, but bars and pubs yes. I would have moved if I were you too, especially if they were being loud and rude. Good for you for speaking your mind.

    The food sounds delicious, and that martini is so pretty! Too bad it didn't taste very good. LAst night I ordered a lemon drop martini and it was just pure vodka with a splash of lemon. I was like…this is NOT a lemon drop! Where is the sugar?! I had her re-do it, and then I loved it.

  • Krista

    Your pup is so cute!

    I have admit that an experience with a "sick" patron would totally spoil the night for me. Something like that would make me lose my appetite pretty darn fast regardless on whether or not I moved tables.

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