Breakfast at Home

I was supposed to be working today but my puppy isn’t feeling well so I decided to stay home. Like I’ve said before, I just hate it when the dogs are sick, they are so helpless. Makes me sad:(
I made myself a vanilla latte with some cinnamon sprinkled on-top:

While sipping on my latte I made some banana oats with a couple toppings. Granola:

Peanut Butter:

Not just any peanut butter but Mighty Maple peanut butter. This is the first time I’ve had this brand and the jury is still out as to what I think of it. It was good but I thought it would be better. I will let you know what I think the next time I try it out.

And as I’m typing this I’m having my second Vanilla latte, yum!

So that is breakfast! Today I’m going to be watching my dog to make sure he is comfortable and okay. I’m also going to be doing some much needed chores around the house. This place is a pit!


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