Active Saturday = Lazy Sunday

This weekend was great. My sister was in town and it was really nice being able to spend time with her. I haven’t seen her in over 6 months and that is far to long for sisters to not see each other!

Before she arrived I asked her what she would like to do when she was in town. Her exact response was “just hang out … be healthy”. This response provided me with some challenges right off the bat. See when my sister comes in town we usually eat out at Chicago’s best restaurants and then drink to much. So the “just hang out … be healthy” response made my brain work, in a good way!

I think I came through with a pretty fun and active weekend. Friday night we walked to the movie theatre to see Robin Hood. The movie was just okay but I was very happy to be watching an okay movie because my sister was sitting next to me. Can you tell I missed my sister!!!

Once at the theatre we each ordered a diet coke, water, cocktail and some bacon popcorn.

After the movie we walked home and went to bed because I had an active day planned for us on Saturday.

At 10:30 Saturday morning we walked to Butler Field in Grant Park to participate in the 2010 Self Workout in the Park. The event started at 11:00am:
The main stage offered a bunch of different exercise sessions. Everything from Sexy Stretch, Ab Attack, Rock Bottom and my personal favorite Masala Bhangra. The instructor was so full of energy and you could tell she was having a really good time doing her high energy Indian style dance moves. She mentioned she just came out with a new video and I’m really hoping to purchase it soon!
The Chicago skyline was a great background for all the park workouts:
In between workouts my sister and I got facials from Garnier:
We were also lucky enough to participate in one of the Resistance Rebounding classes:
I really didn’t think rebounding would give me much of a workout but I’m here to say that it is a fabulous workout. I can’t even tell you how sore I was on Sunday.
Oh, I almost forgot! I was able to have a really good conversation with Mandy Ingber. You know who she is, she works out clients like Jennifer Aniston. Mrs. Ingber was so down to earth, nice and helpful! I ended up purchasing her yoga DVD and can’t wait to try it out!
Due to all the exercise and Saturday night “hanging out” my Sunday was spent in a lazy way:)
All and all this was a really good weekend!


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