Saturday of Good Eats!

I really do love the weekends. I know I’ve said that about a billion times but it is SO true. I wish everyday could be a Saturday!


Some vanilla granola:

Yummy strawberries:

Added to some Chobani yogurt:

All the above mixed together makes one fantastic breakfast. I love that Chobani has 14 – 18 grams of protein in one container. This mix is SO filling, gotta love that!


I was craving Flat Top Grill like crazy so I dragged the husband out the door and headed to the best “create your own stir fry” restaurant.

My first bowl consisted of chicken, snow peas, broccoli, bamboo shoots, mini corncob, carrots and rice. I topped it with a mix of 3 sauces: kung pao, soy and some spicy spicy sauce. This bowl was SO good!
My second bowl was Mooshu with broccoli, potato, carrots, Chinese yellow noodles, garlic and snow peas. The sauce mix was: Kung pao, Flat Top mix and spicy sauce.

These were pretty good but I didn’t like that I ordered it with no meat but somehow chicken ended up in my mooshu. Not that big of a deal for me but it would have been bad had I been a vegetarian!
A look inside my mooshu:

Dessert was something I’ve been craving for a couple weeks. A Dairy Queen peanut buster parfait blizzard! When I was growing up I always had trouble deciding on whether to order a blizzard or a peanut buster parfait. Today I could have both in 1 treat!
Needless to say I was very excited to see this option available. So good!
On the walk home from our lunch we came across a dog sitting in the window of about the 4th floor in a building. I could never do this with my dog, the first bicycle he saw he would jump out the window to chase!
While the above dog was tempting death my dog was snuggling on the couch at home:) Safe and sound, just the way I like him to be.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I know I did and I’m already counting down the days until this coming 3 day weekend!!!


What is your favorite day of the week and why?

Mine is Saturday because the entire day is mine. At this point in my life I don’t have to report to anyone, on the glorious day called Saturday!


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