Caffeine and Pizza!!!

This morning started off unlike any morning I can remember in recent history. My husband and I were up early enough to enjoy a cup of coffee at home before going to the office! Who knew this was even possible, I sure didn’t.

Any who, I had a nice hot cup of coffee with some milk:

and a small squirt of Vanilla Agave Nectar. This stuff is really good and gives my coffee the perfect amount of sweetness.

I still needed some more caffeine so Patrick and I stopped at Starbucks and I got an iced skinny vanilla latte:

Around 1:45 pm I was starving. So hungry I could have chewed my arm off! Instead of doing that I went for a more sensible option.
A tiny bit of mixed bean salad:

The main dish was turkey, spicy mustard, lettuce and cheese wrapped in a spinach wrap:
I devoured it, totally hit the spot.

After work I had a couple of these delicious Cookiehead whole grain cookies. I’m in love with these and can’t wait to share more info about them with everyone. The info will be coming soon!

I had dinner all planned out. I was going to make an egg scramble with veggies and wrap it in a tortilla. However, the eggs in my fridge were way past their expiration date:(
I’m not good at switching up dinner plans so I went with the easiest option, pizza. I called up my husbands favorite pizza place, Sarpino’s:
Pizza was delivered in less than an hour:
Oh so good!
I dipped my slices in Frank’s Red Hot sauce:
The addition of the hot sauce was a good one. But really, what isn’t good without hot sauce?
This little guy was standing under our table just waiting for the tiniest piece of pizza to fall on the ground.
Lucky for him Patrick is a sucker for puppy dog eyes so he was able to snag a couple pieces of crust.
Do you ever give your pet’s table scraps?
I don’t but my husband doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. Needless to say, the dogs are always by his feet when he’s chowing down.


  • Chef Dennis

    my berners actually sit by the kitchen when ever I cook, they know the food comes from me, and if they have any chance at anything special its going to be from me…lol.
    of course the key is moderation!! My one berner was a rescue and wouldnt come in the kitchen with me, then one day I felt someone behind me and there he was!! looking at me, saying hey gotta any food…
    Now he patiently sits and waits

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