I spent the evening watching this:
Chicago Blackhawks Hockey!!! This series has been difficult for me to watch. I’m a competitive person and I really wanted Chicago to win this win. I can’t even begin to explain how much anxiety I’ve had watching all these play off games! But in the end, all the anxiety is worth it cause the boys have won it all!!!
As I sit here typing this post I’m surrounding by sights and sounds of the hockey win. I look outside my window and see buildings lite up with red lights and “Hawks” outlined in high rise windows. I can hear people screaming with joy and car horns blaring in the city.
The scene at Wrigley was crazy. Tons of people flooded the streets when the Hawks won:
All those red dots in the middle of the picture are of people in the street:) I’m getting so old. I would rather sit on my couch and celebrate by blogging and taking pictures of my TV than heading out in the crowds. Oh well, I did enough crowded parties in my younger years:)
I’m so proud of the boys and can’t wait until they are back in their city!
My favorite oatmeal from Caribou. Maple crunch:

Iced Northern Lights Vanilla Latte:

My lunch time consisted of going to Target and spending more money than I should have. This is an issue that I always seem to have whenever I step foot into that store. I just love it!
Walking back to the office I stopped at Subway and picked up a spicy italian sandwich:

Veggies, yum:

Happy Hour
Patrick and I stopped in Ceres to have a cocktail. I had my usual raspberry vodka and lemonade:

We had dinner delivered to us tonight because I wasn’t about to miss one second of the game due to cooking or anything else for that matter.
I wanted something Chicagoy (yes I know that is not a word). Deep dish pizza from Giordano’s was in order:
My plate with a slice of pizza and a bit of pasta:
I had 2 pieces of this deep dish pepperoni pizza. These slices are so big that I really only needed to eat 1 but I was starving!

Baked mostaccioli as a side dish…holy carbs!

The humans in the house were getting a treat tonight so it was only fair that the furry creatures in the house got one as well. We’ve found (the hard way, don’t ask) that pizza doesn’t sit well in their stomachs so we got them bully sticks:

Both humans and furry creatures are sitting happy in this home in Chicago:)

Do you ever find yourself getting anxiety over sporting events you aren’t participating in?


  • whataboutsummer

    I think people's minds just get so involved in the game that you think you're there. I don't get emotional about sports but I do in chick flick movies haha
    PS: love deep dish pizza; makes for great post-game meals

  • Beth @ DiningAndDishing

    HOLY CRAP that pizza looks good! When it comes to pizza I say the bigger, the cheesier the better. Chicago knows how to do it!!

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