Stress : How to Deal?

Wow, this last week was one big stress fest! So many things going on and so little time to get them all done. But I’m a firm believer in better to be busy than have nothing to do at all.

I’ve been a person prone to stress. Even when I was younger people would tell me I was stressed and I would deny it until I was blue in the face. To me, stress meant you couldn’t handle what was going on in your life and if I couldn’t handle what was going on in my life I was a failure. So in my young mind someone telling me I was stressed meant they were calling me a failure. Which would stress me out even more, sometimes I wonder how I made it through my early years:)

I’ve come to realize over the many years of my life that having stress does not mean I’m a failure in anyway. It simply means I need to take a step back, breath and look at what is really important in my life. I can guarantee you that 9 times out of 10 the stress I’m feeling has nothing to do with what I think is really important in my life.

Listed below are a couple of ways to help conquer the “stress-monster”:

Tame your stress – easier said than done. Get away from whatever is causing you stress, Is it work, than go for a walk on your lunch break. Try doing Yoga to calm yourself down.

Get support – Support is so important when dealing with stress. It’s nice to have someone around who can help out when times get rough. Reach out to family or friends, if you don’t have any near by than pick up a phone or use the internet to connect with people.

Get enough sleep – This is just an all around good rule to live by. Sleep is so important to so many aspects of our lives and stress is definitely one of them. You are never going to release the stress-monster if you are sleep deprived and cranky. Trust me on this one, getting enough sleep is something I really need to work on.

Pet time – Out of this entire list the 1 thing that always helps bring my stress levels down is my dog, Cappy. His sweet domineer and his willingness to cuddle with me for hours probably has something to do with it. Dogs are filled with unconditional love and are always SO happy to see you. (just typing this last part lifted a bit of stress off my shoulders:))

Stress = Eating

Yep, whenever stress is introduced into my life an eating binge is soon to follow. I find the entire process of eating relaxing and soothing so of course I’m going to want to chow down when I’m stressed. I do know this isn’t the healthiest way to deal, but when you are knee deep in stress you will do anything (well almost) to relieve that feeling.

Listed below are a couple ways to help conquer stress eating:

Have a hunger reality check – Before shoving food in your mouth ask yourself if you are truly hungry or if this is the stress-monster rearing it’s ugly head. If it is truly hunger pick something healthy to eat. If it is the stress-monster than put the food down and drink some water or something else that will keep you busy until the food urge calms down.

Take away temptation – It is easy to remove food temptations from your kitchen but it’s not so easy avoiding all the delivery options and restaurants on every corner. One way to help out with this is to carry snacks in your bag so you won’t be so tempted to stop in the fast food joint. Throw out those delivery menus and pack your fridge and cabinets with easy to prepare/grab items. You will be more tempted to call out for delivery if you are staring down a 30 min meal prep/cook time.

Don’t deprive yourself – So important!!! If you really, really, really want a burger and fries than eat a burger and fries. Just do it in moderation.

Snack healthy – Always have healthy snacks available to eat. Whether it is carrying Lara bars in your purse or having veggies cut up and ready to consume. Always have healthy options ready to grab when the stress-munchies come on full force.

The above list are all things I need to think about when stress consumes my life. I would love to hear what everyone out in the blog world does to help them reduce stress. So….


What tips do you have to help reduce stress?


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