Cookiehead Cookies !

I have to start off this post with an apology. See I’ve been enjoying some really great tasting cookies and haven’t shared them with all of you. Not only are the cookies kind to my taste buds but they are filled with some healthy ingredients!

Remember when I ran my first 5K back in May. As mentioned in that post one of the highlights of the race was being able to try these cookies:

To be honest, I wasn’t all that excited to try the cookies when I first saw them. The reason being I’ve tried many healthy cookies and they’ve never really been all that great. But, when I saw how many people were crowded around the cookie display I knew I had to try them.

I’m SO glad I did! YUM!!!

I was able to take a box of the Belgian Chocolate Chunk cookies home:

Cookiehead Cookies!

I was extremely impressed that I could read ALL of the ingredients!

The cookies are smaller in size:

but packed with pieces of Dark Chocolate:

See, look at the size of the chocolate chunks!!! I think this is a cookie kids would really enjoy and parents would enjoy giving them to their kids:)

The inside of the cookie is filled with a bunch of healthy, great tasting ingredients:

I really liked these cookies but what impressed me the most was that my husband really liked the cookies! This was both good and bad. I’m happy he liked them because it is far better for him than Oreos or Chips Ahoy cookies. I’m not all that thrilled he likes them because it means I will have to share them:(

Now I need to head out and buy another box. I was told I could purchase them at Whole Foods in the Chicago area. If I can find them I will most likely try out some of the other flavors they offer!

If you are a cookie lover and looking for something a bit healthier you MUST check out their website: Cookiehead Cookies !


Have you tried these cookies before? If yes, what did you think?


  • Gina; The Candid RD

    Wow, a cookie with 8 grams of whole grain?! I love that! No, I have never tried these, but I may have to. Even if they have wheat 🙂 I could probably come up with my own wheat-free recipe, and I should really try sometime, maybe with whole grain rice flour or something.

  • Syl

    healthy cookies who would of thought ;-).
    it's funny I downloaded the starbucks app on my iphone and was looking up nutritional information and was shocked that one cookie from there was 400-500 calories, unreal.
    But in this case it's packed with lots of good stuff, which makes it that much better.

  • biz319

    Nope, haven't tried those before but they look good! Your right, too bad the hubs likes them – now you have to share!

  • jqlee

    never had those cookies. even those cookies are made w/whole ingredients, they are still cookies so that means lots of sugar and still pretty high calories. i'm on a "shred" now so i'm trying to stay away for now. but i will have a cookie (or a few) when i get to where i need to be!

  • Jody

    These cookies are the BEST by far!!!!I live in Cleveland and finding healthy food means driving a distance. But I found these at my local Giant Eagle and wow I was sooo impressed. The dark chocolate chunk is out of this world. I could have swarn the website used to have store locations but they took them down. My guess would be to bring in more online revenue. The prices online are more expensive than the stores. So try and find them on your own. You won't be disappointed! This coming from a serious healthy cookie connoisseur! ;-))

  • Lidi

    I'm a teenager, and I really wanted something sweet and healthy but will satisfy my tastebuds. These definately did!! I'm really impressed! (and happy!)

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