Firkin & Pheasant

One night a couple weeks ago Patrick (aka … the husband) and I ventured to our old stomping grounds, Lincoln Park. We both used to live in this area about 5 years ago so it was fun walking around seeing how our old “hood” has changed.

One change we both loved was the addition of Firkin & Pheasant.

We walked inside and immediately knew this was our kind of place. The food looked excellent, great service, friendly staff and the feeling of the place was extremely comfortable. Plus they have 12 HDTVs throughout the Pub which makes for great sports viewing!

I started off with a raspberry Stoli and lemonade. We lucked out because on the day we were here Stoli drinks were on special for 4 bucks!

x 3:


We both decided to get an appetizer to munch on while we sipped our cocktails.

I knew exactly what I wanted, deviled eggs. I was so happy to see them on the menu because I had been craving them for awhile. Deviled eggs were always a staple at our family holiday parties when I was a kid.

These babies did not disappoint:

Patrick was SO excited to see Scotch Eggs on the menu. He kept saying how good they were so I had to take a bite. They were good but a little to “heavy” for me.

Hard boiled eggs wrapped in savory sausage and breaded panko crumbs then flash fried – served with sweet mango chutney.


We were enjoying ourselves so much so we decided to eat dinner.

I had a salad with vinaigrette dressing. Twas very good!

Patrick ordered a side of chili. He said it was pretty good but was much better after a hit of Tabasco:

We opted to split the burger and fries:
The waffle fries were good and even better dipped in BBQ sauce.

Everything about the burger was delicious. It was so juicy and the cheese was a perfect addition:

I will be going back to this place, for sure!


  • Gina; The Candid RD

    I'll admit it, I have a SERIOUS weakness for scotch eggs!! We have a restaurant here in COlumbus that sells them and I do always get them. I typically have a beer and the scotch eggs as my main course 😉 You're right, they are very heavy, which is why they are always perfect as the app/entree. So delicious.

  • Lele

    My mom studied abroad in Scotland for a year and ate a lotttt of Scotch eggs and I desperately want to try them. But man, those deviled eggs look rockin', too! I can't remember the last time I had a deviled egg.. it may have been last Fourth of July, which means I'm due!

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