Saturday + Sunday = Fun-day!

I’ve been wanting to go to Manny’s Deli for along time now. Saturday was the day when this mission would be complete!
This deli opened more than 35 years ago and has been a place where many a famous person has eaten, including Mr. Obama. The restaurant is very different than any type of restaurant I’ve been to. I was thrown back to high school due to the cafeteria style serving.

I loved that they were able to serve me both matzo ball and noodles in chicken broth in the same bowl:

The star of my lunch was this knish with gravy:

The flavoring of the meat was delicious and the gravy was salty which I love!
After our lunch at Manny’s we stopped at Binny’s to grab a drink. I decided to let the bartender pick my sparkling wine of the day. He chose Argyle which is a sparkling from Oregon:

Very good and take a look at those bubbles:
Woke up late on Sunday and decided to make the husband and I some spicy noodle soup. I used the noodles I got from Rise’n Roll which is an Amish bakery. Love that the ingredients are so simple: egg yolks, flour and water!
I may have added to much cayenne pepper because my husband could barely eat the soup due to the spiciness!
Patrick decided that 6 o’clock was cocktail hour. He made me a fantastic drink with Ketel One vodka, Lime seltzer and POM wonderful.
I want to thank the people at POM for sending me the samples of this divine juice. POM was definitely the star ingredient of this cocktail:
Perfect summer cocktail. Light, refreshing and tasty!
Saturday night dinner was homemade BBQ pulled pork pita sandwiches made in the slow cooker – delicious:
Weekend Purchases
I’ve been looking for a Waterbox water bottle for awhile and it appears that these bottles are not sold in Chicago. Since I wasn’t able to find the Waterbox bottles I decided to pick up a Klean Kanteen bottle while shopping at Whole Foods.
I really like a lot of things about this bottle. The best part is the spout on top that will make it so much easier to drink water while on the treadmill.
The best purchase of the weekend was this rinky dink dog house for Solera:
One good blow of the wind could knock this house down but it is perfect for indoors. Every once in awhile Solera likes to chill out by himself so we thought this would be perfect for him! The picture above is him checking out his new digs:)
He is so dang cute!


  • Amy B @ Second City Randomness

    I've really really wanted to go to Manny's… but it's never close to anything I've gone and done with out-of-towners. I think I'll just have to suck it up and make a special trip out of it!

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