On Top of the World – Chicago Air & Water Show

I woke up this morning craving eggs so eggs are what I had, the scrambled variety.
In the mix:
  • Eggs
  • Almond milk
  • Cayenne pepper
  • White pepper
  • Hot sauce
Not the best eggs I’ve ever made but they were pretty good.

Iced coffee with Almond Milk.

This was my first time adding Almond Milk to coffee and it didn’t really mix well:

So freakin’ gross! Is that normal?
Around 11:00 am Patrick and I headed to the John Hancock building.
The Signature Room on the 95th floor of the building has great views.

This is the room we were in for the Private Air Show event. We had open bar, unlimited buffet, air conditioned seating and spectacular views of the air show.

Patrick and I shared our plates of food.
First plate of food spinach frittata, eggs benedict, sausage and peppers and salmon.
Only had 1 bite of the eggs benedict. Would have been better with the hollandaise sauce.

Second plate of food with pasta, sausage and peppers, bread, grilled veggies and potato salad.
Grilled carrots – so good.

Our third plate consisted of watermelon, pineapple, strawberries and a yogurt granola fruit cup.

What is a party without cocktails?
The party certainly did not disappoint. A list was provided with a handful of speciality drinks for the Air and Water Show.
My first cocktail was the Chicago ‘O’ Martini. Baccardi “O” rum, raspberry liqueur and pineapple juice. Twas good!
Second drink – Belvedere dirty martini. Drank half of this one, it was too strong for such warm weather.
The olive pick was so cute – a mini Hancock building.

Third and final martini – Pear martini – Grey Goose LaPoire, Triple Sec, raspberry liqueur, orange juice.

2.5 cocktails over 5 hours. Not all that bad 🙂
The views in this place were A-mazing.
Really enjoyed watching the planes that “wrote” in the sky. They flew so close together and had amazing skills.
Can you see the heart in the below picture? It was very impressive watching these pilots work the magic!
One of the many planes that flew over Lake Michigan. Little planes, big planes, helicopters (doing things we’ve never seen before!), sky divers and many more!

Ever heard of the Blue Angels? They were here.

4 Blue Angels flying in formation. The fifth pilot came down with the flu so he wasn’t part of the show. I really don’t think you want a pilot who is feeling “under the weather” flying fast and close to other planes;)
When we left the party we were each handed a swag bag which Patrick says stands for “Shit We All Get”. Haha!
Included in the bag was a signature lounge glass, little Bombay gin bottle, mints and a koozie. Very unexpected but much appreciated!

The event was great and it was SO much better watching the show from and air-conditioned room than in the humid Chicago weather outside!
After the show we headed to the Cheesecake Factory to grab some dinner before we headed home.
Shared some yummy buffalo bites with Patrick.

I was not happy that the Signature buffet didn’t have a great selection of veggies. I was craving salad like nobodies business so I ordered a Cesar salad.
Totally hit the veggie spot!
Now I’m back home, doing laundry. One minute I’m on top of the city and the next I’m doing chores. Life is good!!! 🙂


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