Birthday at Benny’s Steakhouse

Yesterday was my birthday and my husband went all out to make sure it was a good one.

I got all dressed up since it was a celebration:
He made reservations at a new steakhouse named Benny’s. The owner Benny Siddu is also the owner of my favorite Italian restaurant in Chicago, Volare. If this man makes my favorite pasta I couldn’t wait to see what he could do with steak!
I’ve tried many steakhouses and I’m going on record: Benny’s is the best all-around steakhouse in Chicago! Nothing but the best at this place. From the food to the service everything was perfect. At the end of the night my husband and I both agreed this was the best service we have ever had at a restaurant.
The dinning room:
Our booth:
Once we got to Benny’s I was surprised to see my husband planned to have roses on the table and a bottle of great champagne chilling in a bucket.
First dish was a fabulous Potato Gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce and basil. This was the BEST gnocchi I’ve ever put in my mouth. The taste, texture and aroma were all perfection!

Second dish was Grilled Romaine salad with garlic-lemon vinaigrette. I’ve never had grilled romaine and I’ve been missing out. The flavor of the grilled lettuce with the garlic-lemon vinaigrette and the shaved cheese was the perfect combination.
I could eat this salad every day of my life!
Third dish was an All Natural USDA Prime Filet Mignon. This is the first time I’ve had grass fed steak as well as the first time I’ve had steak at Benny’s. I’m not sure which of these two firsts contributed to my decision that this was the best steak of my life and I don’t care. I know one thing, this steak was AMAZING. It just melted in my mouth and the flavor was like no steak I’ve ever had before.

Our side dish was the Broccoli with Wisconsin cheddar gratin. This was good but didn’t live up to the perfection of the other dishes. It was a bit to buttery for me.

And what is a birthday without cake. Yet, again this was the best piece of Chocolate Layer Cake to ever touch my lips. The cake was moist and the fudge buttercream frosting had the perfect amount of sweetness to it.

The mix of the rich chocolate cake and the refreshing raspberry sauce was nothing short of excellence. Presentation is gorgeous.

If you love steak and love great service you will love Benny’s.
Now, if only I could afford to eat here everyday!!!


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