Saturday at the Farmers Market

It all started when Mara twittered about a Farmers Market tour she was attending for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (ICBINB). I responded and asked what it was about and boy am I glad I did. The next day Lauren, a rep of ICBINB, contacted me to see if I would like to participate in the tour, too. No need to think twice about this one, I was all in!

Saturday rolled around and I was excited. I taxied my way to the Green City Market in Lincoln Park. This is the only year-round farmers’ market featuring local farmers. Love that all this great food comes from close by.
Once at the market I met up with Jaclyn, the ICBINB rep for Saturday’s outing, chef Rhonda Cady and Mara. It was such a blast strolling the market with these 3 ladies. I had a great time and learned a lot!
This was my first time shopping here this year. I forgot about all the diverse items available in this one spot. Let’s go on a photo tour, shall we?
Ginormous cucumbers:
Goat Cheese, to be used in the salad and sandwich:

It was so humid outside. When Mara suggested smoothies I was all in!
I opted for the Raspberry and Peach smoothie. This smoothie was the best. Refreshing and light, just what I needed!
Beautiful radishes.
Millions of peaches…peaches for me. Okay, who can name the band that sang that song?
A big smile came across my face when Chef Rhonda shared her idea of sauteing onion and peaches in ICBINB and then adding it to arugula. I couldn’t wait to see how this creation would turn out!
Love that we were able to taste the fruits before we purchased. All of them were awesome but Mick Klug Farm from St. Joseph, MI was my favorite.
Herbs/Greens. We grabbed some basil for the sandwich, mint for the dessert and arugula for the salad.
The bread at the market looked and smelled amazing. I can’t remember what type of bread we ended up getting but I do know it was very good!
After we picked out all of our Farmers Market finds we headed to Splice Kitchen to get cooking!

And we had a wonderful spread of farmers market finds and ICBINB to work with!

Check back tomorrow to see what Chef Rhonda created with all this good stuff! Everything was delicious and I’ve already recreated a couple dishes:)

fyi … If you want to see some amazing photography from the Green City Market, check out Mara’s post.


  • Amy B @ Second City Randomness

    Oh! I got an offer to go to this and I had to pass because of something else I had going on. Boo! I knew it was going to be fun! And I could have met you!

    Next time…

  • Tracey

    Amy B – It would have been great to meet you! I had a blast and all the women were fantastic – I also learned a lot at the event.

  • Hillarey

    Hi Tracey!

    How are you? I’m not sure if you remember my hubby Paul and I, but we met at the Congress Hotel bar a couple of weeks ago. We were chatting with you guys for a while and you gave me your card. We though you two were so nice and we would love to get together sometime for dinner/drinks! My email is and my cell is 630-768-9908. Hopefully, you guys remember us and this isn’t too weird! Just would love to meet some fun couples in Chi to hang out with, etc! Hope everything is great with you two!! Your blog is great! Happy belated birthday!

    Hillarey Rendleman

  • Maria @ Kale and Cupcakes

    Love your blog! Just found it and love finding other Chicago bloggers out there! I haven't been to a farmer's market yet this summer – I need to!

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