Dog Tired

Work has been crazy busy these last couple months. This lead me to make poor food choices and sit on my butt all day long (aka, no exercise). I really need to learn how to avoid stress eating!

I’m determined to turn things around so I’ve started packing my lunches the night before my work day.
Today’s lunch bag consisted of banana, sandwich thin and Barney Butter.

What else would you do with these ingredients but make a banana peanut butter dog:)
Patrick and I stopped at Ceres for a cocktail before heading home. I had a raspberry vodka with a sugar free red bull:
About mid-way through my cocktail my stomach started to grumble and I was instantly in a bad mood. I’m one of those girls that gets really pissy when I don’t have food in my stomach.
First up, cup of the best tasting chicken tortilla soup:
The soup was so good that after my husband had a bite he ordered a bowl for himself. YUM!
A salad was featured on the daily specials menu and it had my name written all over it.
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Pea pod
  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Cauliflower
  • Red pepper
  • Mixed greens
  • Blue cheese
  • Raspberry vinaigrette
I loved that all the veggies were cut up into bite size pieces. It’s just like I make my salads at home but better because I didn’t have to do any chopping:)
All mixed up:
Delicious and just what I needed!
When I got home I put on my running shoes and went for a training run. I’m training for a 5K taking place in October. The run went really well which I attribute to the salad and cool fall weather.
Now, I’m off to use my foam roller to work out some soreness and take a cue from my pup and hit the hay!
What type of weather do you prefer to exercise in?
Fall is the perfect weather for me!


  • Nicole, RD

    Do you run after drinking, too? 🙂 No shame coming from me! Better late than never!

    I love fall weather for workout out, too! Definitely the best weather for running!

  • Erica

    What brand is that sandwich thin? I've never seen a rectangular one!! That looks like a yummy soup!! I like exercising on summer mornings 🙂

  • Tina

    Hope you're feeling better! Stress eating gets me sometimes too. I think its because I just don't want to have to deal with cooking and the easier options usually aren't the most sound.

  • Veggies, Cake & Cocktails

    Hi Erica – The are Arnold Fill'ems. I bought them to use for hotdogs but I thought the bun was to sweet for the hotdog. But they work great for sandwiches!

    Hi Andrea – I got these at Jewel. I was really happy to find them.

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