Taking “My Time” Back

I’ve been having an extremely tough time at work.

My job seems to occupy all of my time, energy and thoughts.  It is so important to my sanity to learn how to disconnect from my job when I leave the office.  Anyone have any advice on how to do this?

One thing that will help is to start blogging because being a part of the blogging community truly does wonders for my mental well-being 😉

Over the last couple months I have had lots of ideas on things to blog about but never actually did it because work was pressing with deadlines.  Well, those deadlines are never-ending and all my work is not being appreciated so it’s time to keep working hard while in the office but no more of the working until 3:00am at home business.  I’m taking back my home time as “my time and family time”!

Here are a couple things I plan on posting about in the near future:

  • Restaurant Review
  • Travel
  • Cooking Class
  • Favorite iPad App
  • Giveaway!!!

Look forward to firing up the ole computer and getting some posts up on VC&C!

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