Holiday Picture – December 1, 2011 – Starbucks Holiday Cup!

The last couple of years, during the month of December, I posted one holiday picture each day.  Well, I’ve decided to continue the same idea in 2011 – even though I’ve been pretty much non-existent the last couple months.  Nothing like the holidays to bring back the blogging spirit 😀

So, the first couple pictures aren’t so much decorations but they are holiday inspired.

I’m a BIG fan of Starbucks coffee and don’t even get me started on how excited I get when the Starbucks Holiday Cups make their debut each year … seriously, I won’t go there.  However, I will show a couple pictures of the cups I get so excited about!

The first is probably my favorite because it involves a dog!  To be more specific it involves a dog riding on the back of a person sledding.  The saying on the cup – Let’s Rediscover Why We’re Best Friends:

The second cup I got is more traditional.  It’s of a nutcracker:

and a squirrel:

The saying on the cup – Let’s Remember Why We Go Together So Well!

As strange as it may seem, these cups do a great job of getting me in the holiday spirit!


Have you gotten your Starbucks holiday cup of the season?

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