Michigan Colors of Fall

Patrick and I decided to take the dogs out for a nice walk around the neighborhood on Thursday.  It was a beautiful day and the scenery all around was gorgeous.

Fall is by far my favorite season.  Not only for the great crisp weather but for the beauty of all the leaves changing colors.  It’s truly amazing how many bold and vibrant colors are in nature.

I would like to share some of the pictures from our walk and for those of you who have never experienced the beauty that is Michigan in the fall, enjoy!

Okay, so that last picture isn’t really vibrant in color but I thought it was funny that a mirror was hanging in a tree:)


Patrick and I were getting hungry so we stopped at Burger Pointe.  This place is known for their “cooked-to-order” burgers made with 100% fresh premium domestic beef that is never frozen.

This was one of the best burgers I’ve had.

My burger:  Cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, pickles, green olives, lettuce and ketchup.

I also had a side of fries.  They were okay but nothing special.

However, Cappy really wanted to test the fries out for himself.  His favorite human food is french fries and he will do anything for them.

Dessert was a kids size cone filled with cake batter frozen yogurt from TCBY:

Before heading home we stopped at Caribou:

I had a northern lights vanilla latte in a Holiday cup!  Thursday was the 2010 reveal of the Caribou Holiday Cups!  I wasn’t the only one excited, Solera couldn’t keep his nose off of it;)


I was pooped after our 2 hour walk so I opted to have Jet’s pizza delivered.  I started off with a salad with peppers and olives:

a couple of these very good boneless wings:

and a couple bites of the square pepperoni pizza:

This pizza was not very good.  I ordered it with a cajun seasoned crust (which we loved on prior visits) and that was a big mistake.  The entire outer layer of the pizza was burnt and tasted purely of salt!


Where is your favorite place to see fall colors?


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