A Date in the Sky

On Wednesday, Patrick picked me up from work and decided a date night was needed.

We went to the Coach Insignia at the top of the Renaissance Center in Detroit.  This is the second highest restaurant in the United States’!

Views of the Detroit River and Belle Isle:

As well as Canada:

While taking in the views I sipped on a glass of Perrier Jouet champagne.

Shared 3 gnocchi with Patrick:

Waffle fries with ketchup:

My second drink was a Lemon martini that was supposed to be rimmed with sugar.  Boy was I surprised when I took my first sip…seems the bartender confused the salt and sugar.  Needless to say it was not the greatest drink I’ve ever had.

Drinks were consumed, food was eaten and big chairs were sat in:


I wrote a little about Patrick’s memories with Peking Villa.  Well, another one of his memories is of a place called Mr. C’s.  Mr. C’s is basically a convenience store that sells pizza and subs along with all your traditional convenience store items.  Patrick used to go and pick up day old subs for $1.00.  So, after our date we headed to Mr. C’s to pick up some Italian Sub sandwiches.

My sub was washed down with a bottle of Sioux City Root Beer made with cane sugar.  Very tasty!

My $1 sub with a side of McClure’s pickles:

The sub’s were good and well worth a buck.

I would like to share the below picture for those of you who have never had the pleasure of dining with a dog.  No matter what is being consumed Solera will sit at your feet and wait oh so patiently for something to drop in his reach.

A Dog’s Life

Patrick is not the only one taking advantage of being on vacation.  Cappy is totally making the most out of it.  Here’s what a basic “Cappy” day looks like…

Have a human lift him into a chair where he walks in circles, lays down and falls asleep:

After sleeping for hours, he stands up in the chair to see what everyone is doing:

Decides the humans are doing nothing interesting, does a big yawn:

and the process is repeated:

It is obvious my dogs live a very hard life:)


Are you more of a go-getter or a relaxer on vacation?

I’m usually more of a go-getter.  I like to get out and explore my surroundings when visiting new places.


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