The Spoiled Life

Most mornings my husband and I run into each other while we attempt to get ready for work.  We live in a small space with 1 bathroom and we both are not morning people, this makes for a not so pleasant experience.

This week has been different.  Patrick has the week off so there’s been no hectic mornings and he is even driving me to and picking me up from work.  I feel so spoiled:)


While I was at work Patrick constructed dinner.  And while Patrick picked me up his mom put it in the oven to bake!  I’m telling you, this is the life!

Patrick decided to make a variation of Last Minute Lasagna.  He used arrabbiata sauce to give the dish a little kick.  He also opted to use tortellini and not put sauce on top.  I really liked it because the noodles on top got a little crispy and the little bit of crunch gave the dish a nice texture.

A serving of lasagna and a piece of Texas toast and the meal is complete.


I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of dessert.  I guess I was too excited to eat it!  No worries, I have a picture from the past:)

My mother-in-law made angle food cake and I topped it with a mixture of heated blackberries and honey:

Such a great tasting, good for you dessert!

A Dog’s Life

I’m not the only one who lived the spoiled life yesterday.  Cappy spent the entire day basking in the sunlight:

and Solera spent the day having humans throw a ball for him that by the time I got home he was ready to curl up and go to sleep:

I think the dogs and I could get used to this lifestyle;)


Have you ever felt spoiled?  When and why?


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