Vicarious Memories

Monday was such a great day.  Patrick and I spent a couple hours exploring his hometown.  Our first stop was the Village where we did a little shopping.

To help ease Patrick’s pain of shopping we stopped for a cocktail at City Kitchen.  I ordered a Belvedere dirty martini.  I’ve really come to like this cocktail but I must say this particular one was a poor example of a beloved drink.

Next stop, Trader Joes!  The first thing I saw in the store was the below sign and I loved it:)

I’m so ready to crack open the items I picked up:

  • Pumpkin Butter
  • Spicy Brown Mustard
  • Peanut Flour
  • Lambic Peche
  • Vanilla and Cinnamon Black Tea
  • Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals with Grinder

As we were walking back to our car I noticed the following sign on a building:

I had no idea they named a building after my precious little dog:)


When Patrick was a little boy his family used to eat at a Chinese-American restaurant called Peking Villa.  Ever since I’ve known Patrick he has been talking about this place and I was excited to check it out!

The decor was unlike any Chinese restaurant I have ever been to.  It had the craziest wall-paper!

I was a bit confused when they placed a couple warm sweet rolls on our table:/

That is until Patrick explained they were to be used for dipping in the egg drop soup:

Sweet Bread + Egg Drop Soup = Great Combination

I also had about 1/3 of an egg-roll:

My main dish was broccoli chicken in a brown sauce served with brown rice:

Peking Vila wasn’t the best Chinese food I’ve ever had but it was good.  Add all the childhood memories my husband shared with me and this was an unforgettable meal:)


P and I decided to make dinner for his mom and dad.

Whenever I visit my in-laws they always go out of their way to fill the fridge and pantry with food that Patrick and I like.  I love it when I open the fridge and see all of my favorite veggies cleaned, cut and ready to eat!  I have the best in-laws a girl could ask for:)

We decided on French Bread Pizza for dinner.

with a side of Roasted Spicy Broccoli.

I’m pretty sure everyone liked the meal, crowd pleaser for sure!


When is the last time you cooked a meal for your parents?


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