Races, Travel and Birthdays!

This weekend was a busy one.


Started off by waking up early on Saturday to run the Hot Chocolate 5k.  I was running a little late and just barely made it to the starting line:



I knew this race was going to be difficult for me due to the fact that I can’t shake this cough I’ve had for the past month.  I really wasn’t prepared for how many people were running the 5k, it was all a bit overwhelming.  I feel like the event was well organized but the path couldn’t accommodate all the runners.  At times I was at a dead stand still DURING the race!!!  It was SO frustrating and at times dangerous because people were running into each other.


My husband (who showed up to cheer me on) and I both had a really good time at the after party.  We sampled some of the fondu sampler:



And of course, Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate:



with marshmallows:



However, the best part of the entire race was being introduced to the band, Maggie Speaks:



We had the best time listening, dancing and being amazed at the range of voices of this band.  We are already planning on visiting them when they play a bar close to us!


Race was frustrating, Food was good and the Music was great!


Sunday Dinner
After the race Patrick, the dogs and I piled into the car and headed to Michigan!  It was Patricks birthday on Sunday so it was nice being able to spend it with his parents and his favorite pizza:)


The birthday boy drank a bit of scotch and than ordered up his birthday dinner from Jet’s.  We ordered 2 pizza’s, chicken wings, boneless chicken wings, cheese bread and salad.  Basically enough food to feed a small army;)


My plate consisted of a piece of pizza, a couple pieces of cheese bread, boneless buffalo wings and dipping sauces (I also had an un-pictured salad):



While the humans ate pizza, the dogs helped celebrate P’s birthday by chowing down on some rawhides:



After all the travel and good eats everyone thought an early bed time was a good idea!



Have you ever taken part in a race that was to crowded?
What do you like to eat on your birthday?



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