Christmas Party

Feel’s like a whirlwind day! Woke up late, again. Got ready for work, walked the dog and jumped on the bus all in 15 minutes. I’m getting pretty good at this rushing morning schedule;)

Today at work my department had a holiday party. Complete with food, desserts, speeches (the good kind) and games! It was really nice to get together and just talk to people about what is going on with them and not just about work stuff.


I drank about a third of this bottle. Not good for me but it helped wake me up a bit. At least until the sugar crash hits.


There was a lot of food offered and I don’t think any of it was healthy. I would of loved to have seen a steamed veggie or plain salad. However, they did have fried chicken, potato’s with cheddar cheese and bacon on top, BBQ sandwich and ceasar salad’s.

Here is a look at my plate:

I took a couple bites of the sandwich and decided I didn’t like it enough to justify the calories. The BBQ sauce was really good but I’m just to dang picky when it comes to the meat I eat. I also didn’t eat all the potato’s you see on my plate but, I did eat most of them. They were really good, I mean, how can you go wrong with potato’s and cheddar cheese!

I was also a very good girl and stayed away from all the great desserts offered at the party. I know that once I start eating Christmas cookies it is very hard to stop when you have an entire table filled with them.


Needed to wake up so I went to Starbucks and got a skinny vanilla latte.

And a Polar Bear shaped sugar cookie. Isn’t this just the cutest thing:
almost to cute to eat. But I managed to get over the cuteness and take a bite!

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