Snow Storm of Excitement

Well, I guess the snow storm didn’t miss Chicago this time.  Actually, this was the worst snow storm I’ve ever seen in my entire life (and I’m no spring chicken, proven by the fact that I just used that saying).

I couldn’t contain my excitement so I turned to twitter to share my thoughts about the Chicago blizzard!

Our little dog was actually getting picked up by the wind when we took him out for his nighttime bathroom break.

The thunder and lightening was spectacular.  The lightening was so bright that it lite up our entire apartment!

My poor dog was so scared of the rattling windows, creaking building, howling wind, thunder and lightening that he made himself sick.  Since he wouldn’t go outside I only had one option … Doggie Diapers:

I felt so bad for him but he’s feeling 100% better today!

Tuesday Eats


Cup of Honey Nut Cheerios, forgot how good these were:


Patrick and I were so happy when work released us early due to the storm.  Not just because we were able to go home but both of us missed lunch so we were ready to grab a bite to eat.

Pretty much every restaurant that we passed on our way home was closed due to the storm so we didn’t have many options.

We ended up going to Eleven City Diner.  We used to go to this place a lot and now only step foot in it if it’s the very last option.  Such was the case on Tuesday afternoon.

The layout of the place is nice:

Eleven City is a Jewish deli located in the South Loop.

I started off with a grape flavored Faygo.  Faygo was brought to the States by the Feigenson brothers, who were bakers in Russia.  The grape flavor was one that was based on their cake frosting recipe.  I’m not sure how tasty grape frosting would be but the soda was really good:

What better on a blizzard afternoon than a hot bowl of matzo ball/chicken noodle soup:

Couple bites of a unique knish.  It’s basically a puffed pastry filled with mashed potatoes.  Very yummy!

My main dish was half of a french dip sandwich and a hand-full of fries:

This was my first ever french dip and it was pretty good.

As we were eating our meal we chatted and watched the people trying to walk home in the storm.  The wind was SO bad that people were getting blown all over the place.  As a matter of fact the wind tried to push me into a poll on our way out of the restaurant!

This was one heck of a storm!!!  I found the entire thing to be very exciting 😀


What was the worst storm you’ve ever been in?

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