Superbowl Food

Everyone is talking about the Superbowl.

I’m a football loving girl but the 2 teams playing in the bowl this year aren’t my favorites. ┬áSo, although I will be watching the game I will be more interested in the food being served while the game is on ­čÖé

I spent this morning going over some of the recipes I’ve posted in the past to determine what I will be having tomorrow. ┬áPatrick is for sure making some sort of chili and I’m leaning towards making a veggies tray and some runzas!

Check out the listing below of some foods that I think might be a good fit for your Superbowl festivities.


Easy Frittata

Bacon Pancakes

Appetizers/Main Meal

Cheese, Crackers and Jalapenos – (easy to make and who doesn’t like cheese and crackers.)

Cream Cheese & Chili Dip – (Very easy and it’s always been a crowd pleaser at my parties.)

Pepperoni Pizza Dip – (Yet another crowd pleaser. ┬áMake this and you will be asked for the recipe.)

Veggie Platter with Ranch Dip – (Veggie platters are always a nice compliment to all the heavier food typically at Superbowl parties.)

BBQ Shrimp Pita Pizza – (Mix it up with different sauces and toppings.)

Tracey’s Runza – (My favorite for any type of football party. ┬áPlay around with what you stuff the pastry with.)

French Bread Pizza Pocket

Andouille French Bread Pizza with Pickled Jalapenos – ( Man food!)

Chili Soup

Basic Ground Turkey Chili – (Serve with chips and toppings.)

Hearty Chili

Spicy Steak – (Just in case you are having a full fledged dinner. ┬áGood and easy steak.)

I’m compiling my grocery list right now and will be heading to the grocery store soon to get my supplies for tomorrow’s Superbowl Food-bowl.


What will you be making for tomorrow’s festivities?


  • Katie


    Im so glad you stopped by my blog! I have to say its awesome to meet other bloggers on here ; ) so many great bloggers ! I am not a chef either, i read your about me, I just try to cook alot more also as I have a fiance and son, they eat very different then me so I cook them different meals , I eat salads alot for dinner and my guys will eat a good pot roast beef or whatever I cook up! My son would be in heaven with those bacon pancakes and my fiance loves turkey chili! I make it for him alot in the winter ; )

    I hope you find a girl scout with some cookies!

    have a great night! : )

  • Amy at TheSceneFromMe

    The Girl Scouts weren’t at the store when I went yesterday selling cookies! Maybe I am not meant to have any….
    I just made some good pizza bites and last night we had a poker party in which I made chili and buffalo chicken dip, among other things.
    Looking forward to the commercials tonight too!

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