Hiding Dogs

My husband is at work all day today which leaves me all alone 🙁 Well, except for the dogs. The thing about my dog is he likes to sleep, a lot.

Around 4 I was getting a little lonely so decided to wake up the dogs and have them entertain me. One problem, I couldn’t find one of them. I looked everywhere and then I noticed something, a little paw sticking out of the blanket on the couch:

I think he was playing hide-n-seek with me. Must of got sick of waiting for me to find him because, well, take a look:
He had a very big yawn!
I was actually very busy today. Laundry, dishes, making cookies, walking dogs, finding dogs 😉 The one thing I forgot to do, eat! I can’t believe it, all I had today was a glass of Diet Coke, and it is 8:00 pm.

Good thing my husband just got home and is now making me some dinner. What a guy!

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