California – The Day After

Still playing catch up on my California trip.

Not only do I miss the California weather (Chicago weather has been brutal) but I miss my sister and I’m not sure when I will see her again 🙁


Patrick and I woke up bright and early, the day after Thanksgiving.  Since everyone else in the house was still sleeping we took the time to go downtown and work on walking off some of the Turkey we had eaten the day before.

First stop, Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company:

This place was just as great as the first time I went.  I ordered an iced caramel latte with brown sugar.  The cashier let the barista know what I wanted by placing a scoop of ice and milk on the counter.  Way more creative than writing the order on a cup 😉

Than we walked next door to Posh Bagel:

It was very important that I introduced my husband to the pesto bagel, egg, ham and cheese sandwich.  Best bagel sandwich ever!  Seriously – Best Bagel Sandwich Ever!!!

It was hard but I agreed to split it:


After walking around for hours it was time to head home and get some lunch.  We wanted to make sandwiches with the leftover turkey (cause that is the best part of Thanksgiving) but we didn’t have any bread at home.

Not a problem.  We stopped in a local store and picked up a delicious Rye Sourdough bread.  It was SO flavorful and we both agreed it would work great for our purpose.

Once home, we unpacked our purchases and got to makin’ lunch.  I had a turkey, stuffing, mustard and mayo sandwich:

Poured some Lemon Pomegranate Sparkling Soda to wash it down:

Another purchase of the day was from a really cute bakery called, Icing on the Cake:

They had so many good things to choose from but I had no problem picking what I wanted.  An oatmeal butterscotch cookie with a shot of butter-cream frosting:



After watching hours of football and a couple movies with my sister and Patrick we decided it was time for dinner.

Patrick wanted to go somewhere where he could wear a hat, had wooden tables and a fire place.  I thought this was a big order but my sister hit the nail on the head.

Los Gatos Brewing Company

Once seated, a basket of warm bread and a garlic vinaigrette dipping sauce were placed on the table.  The dip must be recreated in my kitchen!

Organic Field Green Salad – radishes, carrots, sunflower seeds, herb vinaigrette:

My sister and I split the Barbeque Bacon Burger – topped with an onion ring, barbeque sauce and hickory bacon:

No one else at the table saved room for dessert so I had this plate full of yumminess to myself!  Home-made Brioche Doughnuts – powdered and cinnamon sugar coated, bittersweet hot chocolate, raspberry sauce and vanilla bean gelato:

Twas an excellent meal!  I’m so glad I split the burger to leave run for that dessert.  It was A-MAZING!

As you can see one of the themes of this trip was definitely eating 😉


What do you like to spread on -or- dip your bread in?

My favorite is either warm butter or balsamic vinegar.


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