Wasted Day

Saturday started off as one of those days you lay on the couch all day waiting for the pain in your head to just stop.

I had a migraine from the time I woke up to the time I was finally able to fall asleep.  It was one of those headaches that makes you super sensitive to light, sound, movement and nausea.  Not a fun way to spend a Saturday 🙁

I’ve been tracking these headaches to try and determine what the cause may be and it appears they are related to hormones.  Which is just splendid because that means I can look forward to these head pains every month ( do you get my sarcastic tone) 😡

Maybe it’s time to get some botox to help with these headaches?!?


At around 12:30 Patrick made me some Candy Cane Lane tea with vanilla agave nectar.  It was really nice to have a warm cup of tea in the afternoon.


Around 3:00 pm Patrick thought I needed to eat something.  That’s the thing about migraines, you have no appetite.

Patrick made me a very good egg scramble with leftover runza meat mixed in and cheddar cheese sprinkled on top.  I added a touch of ketchup to my bowl.


I needed something light on the stomach for dinner.  The only thing we had in the house that meets that need was Mrs. T’s potato pierogies topped with a bit of spice.

So my Saturday kind of sucked.  I was really bummed about the migraine.  Not only because it meant I was in pain all day but because I had to cancel dinner plans I had with my family 🙁  Just means I will need to plan another outing with them soon, maybe dinner at my place 😀


What is your favorite thing to add to scrambled eggs?

I have to say, the runza meat might just be my favorite.  However, I do like veggies in the mix too!

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