Gene & Georgetti Steakhouse

Patrick and I decided to go out to a nice Friday night dinner.  We bounced around a couple ideas but ended up choosing Gene & Georgetti.

Gene and Georgetti is a steakhouse which was founded in 1941.  Many celebrities have dined here like Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, Vince Vaughn, Russell Crowe and many many more.

It was made famous by being the place Patrick and Tracey would spend their first Valentines together 😉  Okay, maybe not made famous but it holds a special place in my heart.

The restaurant is located on the corner of Franklin and Illinois under the el tracks.

Once we were seated we were greeted by our waiter.  An older gentleman with a very thick Italian accent.  You could tell he had been working at Gene & Georgetti for a very long time.  He plated some of the dishes right at the table!  He did a fantastic job of serving all the food we ordered!

I ordered a Shirley Temple:

Our first dish was Fried Ravioli filled with meat and spices and a marinara dip on the side.  These were absolutely delicious!

Next up, a house salad with lettuce and tomatoes topped with a oil and vinegar dressing.  This was a bare bones salad but it packed a great flavor with the herbs in the dressing.  I really wish they sold this salad dressing, I would have bought 3 bottles for salads at home.

On to the main courses.  We shared a plate of Angel Hair pasta with Arrabiata sauce.  This sauce was so good and packed a bit of heat but not to much that it burned your mouth.

My final dish was the Filet Mignon.  I asked for it to be cooked medium well but when it came to the table it was pretty raw in the middle.  The server took it back to the kitchen where they promptly cooked it to a perfect medium well.  The flavor of the steak was good but the texture was a little off.  I think the texture was off due to it having to be cooked 2 separate times.  Oh well, good thing I filled up on pasta!

Whenever I go out for steak I always bring home a couple pieces for the dogs.  I may have thought the texture was off but Cappy thought it was perfect.  Filet Mignon is like crack to the Capster!

All in all this was a great dining experience.  I have such great memories of this place and it’s fun to sit back and think about everyone who has eaten here during the many years they have been open.

Next time you are in Chicago and want an authentic Chicago steak and pasta meal with a bit of history you must go to Gene & Georgetti!

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