Pancakes, Planetarium & Pizza

Most people were able to sleep in last Monday because it was President’s day which means no work for many people.  But for me it meant waking up earlier than normal for an appointment downtown.


The good news was I was able to try out The Original Pancake House in the Gold Coast neighborhood:

Look how cute this little building is surrounded by all the larger city buildings:

The place was crazy busy and once seated you are practically sitting on the laps of the people at the table next to you.  Not my ideal eating situation but I was hungry and didn’t know of any other breakfast places in the area.

We made the best of the situation 🙂

I ordered one of their specials which included 4 pancakes and 2 eggs.  I got my eggs over-easy.  The pancakes were good but the eggs were too well done.

I requested a side of peanut butter to put on my pancakes.

and a side of toast to dip in my eggs.  However, the toast wasn’t needed since the eggs were hard.

Verdict: Most likely will not be returning to this location.  It was way to packed and the food really wasn’t that good.  Maybe I needed to try one of their pancake specialties to really appreciate the place.  I will say that all the employees were nice and attentive to the customers.

After our leisurely breakfast we headed to the planetarium.  Patrick really wanted to walk around the place and take in a couple of the shows.  I wasn’t all that excited about going but since I’m a good wife I went along with my husband 😉  It also got us out of the freezing cold and wind that was sweeping over the city!

The shows were actually pretty cool except for the screaming child sitting right next to me.  Everyone in the theatre was really annoyed.  Now I understand that you can’t always control what kids do but, as a parent, you should know to remove a screaming child from the theatre or have something handy that will entertain them.  The mom just sat in her chair and ignored the situation.  Like I said, a lot of people were not happy!


After the planetarium we headed home where Patrick made me a Pom Fizz.  These are quickly becoming my go to mock-tail!

Cheese sticks with A1 and BBQ sauce for dipping:

Left-over pizza from Sunday nights dinner:


Have you ever sat next to a screaming child during a show?  If yes, what did you do?

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