I’m Different

Waking up late on a Monday morning for an early morning meeting is not the way I like to start out the work week!

It really sucks to work in the corporate world when your not a morning person. Everyone likes to schedule meetings early while your brain is (supposedly) rested from a good nights sleep. I don’t work that way, my best thinking hours are in the afternoon!

Just another way I’m different than everyone else in this world 😉


Patrick picked me up a bagel sandwich from au bon pain.

Delicious as usual but these babies need to be a once in awhile breakfast treat. At 810 calories and 46 grams of fat (holy crap) this CAN NOT be a daily occurrence. I hate that this sandwich tastes so good but the nutrition info is disgusting!

On a healthier note I also had a fresh squeezed orange juice.


I was pressed for lunch because I had a 2 hour conference call during my normal eating hours.

I wasn’t able to pick up anything to eat but I was able to stop at Starbucks :). I had a grande skim vanilla steamer:

I was tied to my desk so Patrick brought me a big water with crystal light.

He was my hero!  I was so dehydrated it was crazy!


We have no food in our house.  Well, that’s wrong.  We do have food but nothing that will make a complete meal.

I did what any girl would do in this situation – went online and ordered some Indian Food.  My choice was Chicken Tikka Masala with a side of Naan:

Yum!  I love good Indian food 😀


What is the most caloric thing you’ve ever eaten?


  • Amy B @ Second City Randomness

    Most caloric thing ever? Or recently? Because I can promise you that my biggest thing recently was probably the Chipotle burrito I had Sunday after the climb. Lunch sort of got skipped (except for a measly bagel after the climb), so I CHOWED. Chicken burrito with guac and sour cream? Yes please… Yesterday I looked at Chipotle’s nutritional info and just laughed… oopsies.

    I’m sure that’s not my biggest thing. If I had to guess, and knowing me, it was probably something sweet and really really rich.

  • Hannah

    Uh oh… I’m a night person trying to make the transition from student to a real job (well, I have to find one first!) and so this worries me. Clearly we both need to become bosses so we can schedule meetings for afternoon 😉

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