Saturday Repeated

Saturday was a repeat of last Saturday.

I woke up with a headache that lasted all day.  It really sucks when these pains happen over the weekend.  Weekends are my time and I don’t take kindly to the universe subjecting me to headaches!


Patrick took pity on me and made me a egg bagel thin sandwich:

and a cup of tea.  Yes, I realize the mug says Coffee but it was a much needed and appreciated cup of Candy Cane Lane Tea.


Simple and something I’m not ashamed to admit I like … Spaghetti O’s.


Started off with a Pom Fizz provided by my husband.  Haven’t gotten sick of this mock-tail yet 🙂

I needed another meal that would be easy on my stomach so we had potato pierogi with seasoning.

I’m very lucky to have my husband looking after me on days like this 😀

I’m going to do everything in my power to not have a headache next Saturday.  The weekends are really my only time to get things done around the house.  Needless to say my house isn’t looking all that pretty right now.

I decided to take Sunday off from blogging.  The husband and I went out to dinner and I didn’t even bring the camera 😉  Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy the moment – my husband – and the food!  My husband was also very happy that I left the camera at home 😀


Do you do your home chores during the week or save it all for the weekend?

I save it for the weekends because work during the week leaves me tired.  However, I’m thinking I need to start doing a little bit of tidy work during the week.

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