Playing Catch-up

Alrighty – It’s time for this little blog to get caught up with all the yummy eats I’ve been having.  Let’s take a look at my Thursday and Friday meals!



I had to be at work very early Thursday morning for a meeting.  Early wake-up calls are not my thing.  However, I can be won over with food 😉

I was happy to see a great spread of breakfast pastry, bagels, fruit, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

I decided to have a couple bites of this lemon/cheese filled pastry which was pretty good.

I devoured this little gem of a pastry.  I’m not sure what it’s called but it had a raspberry spread on top with a very good icing.  The pastry was also filled with some type of cream cheese concoction.  It was devine!

I also did my fair share of damage on the fruit tray.  All the fruit was delicious!


Yet again my favorite lunch place, Freshii.  Salad and San Pellegrino.


I wanted something simple for dinner so I put some pasta in a pot and topped it with a basic tomato sauce.  One, Two, Done!


Edy’s Girl Scout cookie ice cream topped with Sanders hot fudge.



Patrick and I have been enjoying our Freshii lunches so we thought we would check out their breakfast.

I went with a hot tea and a bacon, cheese and egg wrap.  It was okay but it doesn’t come close to how good the lunch at this place is.


I like hot dogs.  I don’t eat them all the time.  Actually I don’t eat them often at all.  But, when I do eat them I go all out.  I went to American Dog and got a hot dog topped with chili and cheese:

and another topped with spicy mustard and extra sauerkraut:

I really enjoyed this meal but I must point out that I ate about 2/3 of the first and 1/2 of the second.  It was my attempt at eating in moderation 😉  I think I’m set on hot dogs for a couple months 🙂

Day’s Beverages

I was extremely thirsty after my lunch.  I downed a big bottle of water/crystal light in about 10 minutes!  My end of day beverage was a Starbucks Vanilla Steamer!


Pad Thai:

Chicken and Veggie egg roll:

Plus a small side of steamed pea-pods and chicken:

And there you have it – my Thursday and Friday meals.  Now that I have it all on the blog I realize I ate out a lot during these 2 days.  Need to work on that in the future!


Do you eat hot dogs?  What do you like on them?


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