Hodgepodge of Meals

So the pictures of Thursdays lunch are not that great because my husband made it known that he really didn’t want the camera at lunch. I respected his wishes and left the camera but I did have a camera on my phone so I used that ;).

What can I say, I like taking pictures of my food. It’s an addiction, I’m sure 😉

Thursday Eats

We went to a Thai restaurant and I started off with a very refreshing cucumber salad. This salad reminds me of a dish my family always made for picnics. One of my favorites!

Since this was a “new to me” Thai place I had to try the Pad Thai:

It was good but I didn’t really like the chicken and I felt the dish could use a little spice. No problem, the server brought over some awesome sauce that gave the noodles a hit of spice with great flavor!


Turkey, cheddar and mustard sandwich on a bagel thin:


Served with a cup of Amy’s vegetable soup:


I’m really liking the bagel thins as sandwich bread. They taste great and I like that they are only 100 calories!

Calories: 1051

Friday Eats


Tall skinny latte:



The weather was cold and rainy so I felt I needed something warm and comforting for lunch. For me that means soup. Fresh spicy chicken soup:



Keeping along with our Pizza Fridays I chowed down on tombstone pepperoni pizza:


Calories: 1475

Saturday Eats


I had an early afternoon event to get to (I will post about it tomorrow ) so on the way I stopped at Caribou.

Northern lights vanilla latte:



Small plate of kale salad, sweet potato and parsnip puree and fish:


Even though the plate above looks big, it really wasn’t that much food. So when I got home i did what I did when I was little, poped open a can of spaghetti o’s:



A perfect snack of fresh organic strawberries:



Husband made me some ravioli with meat sauce topped with grated parmesan cheese:


Calories: 1534

Sunday Eats

Patrick and I decided to go to a nice restaurant for Easter brunch. I decided to just enjoy the food and company and left my camera at home. I did have my camera phone but it stayed in my bag all throughout dinner.

You will have to take my word for it that it was a fantastic brunch!

I will share this picture:


A deliciously small bowl of Edy’s Girl Scout ice cream!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


Do the people around you ever get tired of you taking pictures (all the time) for your blog (if you have one)?


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