Is a Cocktail a Snack?

Last week I did a post of “lessons learned” in which I listed a couple things I learned during my first week of paying attention to the food I’m consuming.

That post helped me fix a couple things during my second week on this journey so I thought I would do it again. So, without further ado, here are a couple things I’ve learned during the last week:

  • Keep fruits and veggies on hand at all times. They are low in calories, good for me and great for when I get the munchies.
  • When eating at buffets do a walk through to see what food is available before filling up my plate. This way I can make better food decisions without feeling deprived.
  • Walking does a body good. It’s gentle on the joints (yeah, I’m old) and a good workout. Walking is also a good way to prep the body for running.
  • My water intake was pretty pathetic last week and I could tell by how hungry I constantly felt. So I repeat what I learned last week – Water will be my best friend on this weight loss journey. I need to drink it every single day!

Monday Eats


I think most everyone can agree that Monday’s are pretty rough. One thing that helped make this Monday morning a little better was my breakfast.

Tall skinny vanilla latte in my disco sleeve:


Cup of Potbelly’s steel cut oats with a little peanut butter topper:



Breakfast did a fab job of keeping me full until lunch. I decided to break away from Freshii and go to Potbelly’s.

Yep, I had Potbelly’s for my first two meals of the day – it’s that good 😉

Toasted turkey, mustard, lettuce, pepper, pickles and seasoning sandwich:


1/2 cup of spicy vegetable soup on the side:



Does a cocktail count as a snack? I think if it has a garnish it falls into the snack catergory 😀

Glass of raspberry vodka and lemonade was consumed with no picture.


One of my lessons learned last week was cocktails lead to poor food choices and Monday was no different. Patrick suggested Flaco Tacos and the next thing I know I have nachos sitting in front of me:


I did control myself, a little bit, and ate 1/3 of what you see.


What day of the week is the toughest day for you?

Mine is Monday mornings. It’s so hard to get back into my work week routine after being free on the weekend.

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  • Natalie

    The steel cut oats look delish! I also love the disco sleeve.

    Gosh, I think either Tuesday or Wednesday are my hardest days to get through…although it helps that Tuesday night I really enjoy my training clients, so it helps the day go quickly!

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