Cookie Cutters, Brunch and Chores

Woke up this morning and the first thing I did was go to the store and pick up some cookie cutters. I was amazed that my local grocery store didn’t have any cookie cutters when we went yesterday. But not a problem because I was able to secure a snowman, star, bell, candy cane, tree and ornament cookie cutter.

My husband didn’t want to get the ornament cutter because he said it looked like a bomb 😉 I told him once you put frosting and sprinkles on it, it will look like an ornament. Hope I’m right!
For brunch we went to Cafe Mediterra. I ordered the Breakfast Wrap which consisted of scrambled eggs mixed with cheddar cheese, hash browns, diced green peppers and onions. This wrap was so good and extremely filling.
The husband and I shared a side of turkey sausage.
After brunch we stopped by Starbucks to grab some coffee.
I of course ordered my usual, grande skinny vanilla latte.
I’m currently in the process of doing laundry, dishes, cleaning up, watching football and sipping my latte. Nothing like multi-tasking!
My goals for today:
  • Finish Laundry
  • Make Fudge
  • Clean up Kitchen
  • Organize my books and magazines
What do you do on your Sundays?
I usually play catch up on Sundays. Get everything done that I wasn’t able to get done during the week. For examples check out the list above.


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